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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jan 31, 2016 11:26 pm

Welcome to Baulders Gate!

*SPECIAL NOTE* - This is an Role-Play server, you will be expected to remain in character at all times.


1. RP your characters accordingly, no matter what the level.  Do not roleplay your character having nearly godlike speed if he/she is level 3, for example.  This is heavilly frowned upon here, and you may be penalized for doing as such.

2. Know your character, their history, and how to roleplay your selected race.  For example, a drow should behave like a drow, not a surface elf.

3. If you wish a custom PC skin or such, we will try and accommodate.  However, permission must be acquired first, of course.

4. When you are killed in game, it is counted as being knocked Unconcious and dragged out of the danger.

1. USE COMMON SENSE. This means do not do things that are obviously cheating for example: No transferring items to your other character, Do not relog if being killed to regain your HP and more. I believe everyone is able to think what is right and what is wrong.

2. KILL YOUR SPAWNS. Leaving high level spawns around will get the low level PC's killed.  And please clean up your loot drops, this one of the biggest reasons for lag and its hardly a trouble to collect those items for extra gold.

3) PvP: Allowed eveywhere if the situation warrents.

Pvp is allowed on almost every part of the server. However if you have PK'ed a player, these two are not allowed to PvP for 1 hour real life time unless agreed otherwise, To prevent griefing. If both of the players agree, they may PvP again even if the 1Hour limit hasn't expired.
If you PK another player, please raise the player if possible via scroll/spell or other item atleast by doing an OOC Raise. Meaning the character remains dead, but being raised only so he could move around or simply wouldn't need to stare at the death screen.

5. PICK POCKET: (PP) Is allowed. A player may PP three times per day (in real life) and may keep anything, except for few things such as armors which would be impossible to pick pocket truly. Plot items, if player has DM plot items or Role play Token. Custom items: No no no, these items wont be kept and are returned to the owner as soon as you aquire one. All of these items should be returned to the correct owner as soon as possible if gain.

6. METAGAMING: For example, you know something about Ic hapenings which your PC couldnt possibly know and you decide to give him/her this information and use it, Not allowed. Do not let your OOC knowledge effect your character anyhow. Again an example, a player who is a drow having full disguise on , your character would have no way to regonize this person as a drow even though you know She or He is. Metagaming Ruins good RP and makes others frustrated if you metagame their location, identity or so forth.

However do note that not all metagame is for bad such as finding other players through party to RP with. That is why server parties are often formed to find other players.  As a side note, it is highly discouraged to deliberately interrupt private RP of any kind if the people involved wish not to be bothered, so please ask before "stumbling upon them by coincidence."

7: No Power Gaming/Playing/RPing. Basically what this means is, you are not allowed to RP your player character having skills or abilities he/she normally could not, for a quick example shooting fireballs from fingers if you are a fighter human, with no special abilities or mage classes.

8. Respect the DMs. They work for this server to be fun for everyone to play. Do not shout at them for making decisions you do not like, discuss of it. But no shouting or cussing at them.

9. Do not curse at other players, don't make them feel miserable in the server, we are all here to enjoy the game. Not to fight among each other. Everything can be talked over.

10: 3 Strikes...After that, you are likely be banned for some time, if not for good. This meaning, three breaks of the rules and you'll be out to cool off.

11: No Explictly Sexual Roleplay of ANY KIND! If you MUST "act out" , please do so in private and away from others. Remember there are also people who are of younger age who do not need to hear  or see that kind of roleplay being displayed out in public. Please Dress appropriately, no walking around with nude body parts on,or dressing like you're part of the BDSM club, or the TA club. If you're caught you'll be giving ONE warning, before you're booted off the server. We do not want to make people uncomfortable with this kind of Roleplay, or behavior. Cleverly thought out Innuendos are fine.

1.) As a palemaster you are NOT allowed to take Devastating Critical or Epic Dodge feats. Palemaster also, as a new addition, requires DM approval.

2.) Red Dragon Discple Class Requires DM Approval before taking it, A proper bio must be made in order to take it. Older Players who have RDD before the addition to the rule are Grandfathered in.


This is a list of items illegal for use.  Should you find one notify a DM immediately. If this is a socketted item that has been made illegally, it will be taken away without a refund.

- No immunities of any kind, unless for damage immunity up to 50%
- +5 Bonus is the highest you can gain here. ( Excluding Skills +20 to a single skill is the max )
- 15 AC is the maximum for armour(Example Fullplate gives 8AC, +6
-Enchantment and +1 for Dex bounus)
-Robes may only have a maximum of +6
- Item level will not reach above lvl 23 of requirement.

- Holy Avenger is restricted to use of a Paladin Class only!

- No Permanent haste items.
- No Items with Freedom

If found items breaking these restrictions they are to be sold in a nearby store or handed out to a DM.

*****Special note******
One NWN GP is the equivalent to one Copper. So 100gp is One Hundred Copper. Which is the equivalent to 10 silver, and 10 silver equals one gold. One Gold equals 1 platinum.

Last Note: Remember to have fun! We don't want you to log in with real life problems and taking it out on your fellow players, if you have any issues feel free to talk about it to a DM, we're good listeners and we're not judgmental of others, we all have bad days and we are here to help in any way we can.
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Server Rules
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