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 Summon Fixes

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PostSubject: Summon Fixes   Summon Fixes Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2014 8:04 pm

Lawful Good
Neutral Good

Both of these sets of summons are looked over and balanced a bit. Dropped AC on each creature, adjusted hp, stats and feats as well.

Ill update as I finish each set.

EDIT; Chaotic Good and Lawful Neutral Sets are balanced a bit now as well.

EDIT: Sept 9.  True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral are finished as well.
Summons level are now different.

Summon Monster I - Level 3
Summon Monster II - Level 5
Summon Monster III - Level 7
Summon Monster IV - Level 9
Summon Monster V - Level 11
Summon Monster VI - Level 13
Summon Monster VII - Level 15
Summon Monster VIII - Level 17
Summon Monster IX - Level 19
Summon Monster X - Level 21  (Clerics with Animal Domain only.)

This will effect spawns as higher level spawns higher cr creatures in the trigger. The level increase is also a boost to mage ensuring that each summon will be stronger then the mage at the time they are able to be summoned but also that relying on summons means dealing with more enemies which may result in caster being targeted and summon not being able to draw agro.

Most summons have new feats, abilities and variours other changes including the ac, hp, ability stat drops.  Elementals will have auras or spells matched to their element.

Mephits have been swapped to more dex style using spells associated to their element. Less hp, and physical damage output but multiple uses of spells.

Steam, Air Elementals have the feat empty body now at the cost of harsher dex, str and ac drops.

Invisible Stalker has HIPS with death attack at the cost of hp, str, and dex drops.  Hide, MS is about 20-25.

Celestial Summons have been given negative energy resist of 5, and Fiendish have positive energy resist of 5.  This is to represent each other as enemies and building a resist to one another's attacks.

EDIT: Sept 10

Lesser Planaring Binding Neutral summon is now a mechanus golem lvl 11
Planar Binding Neutral is now a Githzerai lvl 13
Greater Planar Binding is now a Hydra lvl 17

EDIT: Sept 10
Changed Dust Mummy to dual wielding katanas again.

Issue with dust mummy becoming hostile on summoner crash should be fixed now.

Changed Aspect of Dendar summon to Summoned Phaerimm. Be wary they have a lot of energy drain type attacks and disjunction spells. They even have on hit energy drain and evil blight which is a aoe type energy drain. They should act as beholders on steroids.  

Palemaster Summons have been tweaked a bit. Lower level summons will see a slight boost while the vampirix black dragon was nerfed a bit. It now casts negative based spells in exchange for drops to ac, hp, str.

Aspect of Balance Summon for neutral aligned casters at lvl 40 with epic conjuration is now mainly a support summon. It has quite a bit of  healing spells  including aoe healing spells.

EDIT: Sept 13. Greater Planar Binding Neutral summon Hydra will be changed since issues have been arising in crashing. Wasn't an issue in single player while testing it but could be different in multiplayer. Will be posting what it will be changed to later today.
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Summon Fixes
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